EMS LED Photon Light Therapy Lamp
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EMS LED Photon Light Therapy Lamp

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EMS photon beauty instrument has two core functions: EMS micro current and special wavelength phototherapy. Red, yellow and blue light sources are arranged in a matrix of three special wavelengths, which can directly irradiate the skin, restore the natural vitality of skin cells, and beautify the skin. The phototherapy mode is timed for 25 minutes, which can realize different conversion of monochromatic light and mixed light mode. The principle of EMS micro current is to use weak current to stimulate muscle and lymph, contract muscle, promote fat decomposition, and achieve the effect of edema removal and body shaping. There are 6 modes in EMS, timing is 30 minutes, and 9 gears are strong or weak. The whole product adopts soft design, which can be freely bent and adjusted to fit the curve of human body and adapt to the use of various parts of the body.
Blue wavelength: 423nm
Efficacy: blue light can effectively sterilize and relieve all kinds of skin discomfort. Adhere to the use of blue light nursing can improve Water oil balance.
Yellow wavelength: 583nm
Efficacy: yellow light promotes blood circulation and stimulates cell activity, so as to lighten spots and scars Mark, improve dull skin color.
Red wavelength: 640nm
Efficacy: red light promotes the production of collagen, stimulates cell activity, and reduces wrinkles and wrinkles Fine lines. At the same time, by promoting blood circulation, the skin can be restored to ruddy and elastic from inside to outside.
EMS microcurrent not only promotes the blood circulation and lymph circulation of skin microvascular, but also provides skin nutrition
It can improve skin quality, collagen quality, promote collagen proliferation, and break through electric current Bad fat delicate or stored in the oil drop structure, to remove the accumulation of body fat.
Package Included:
1 x Main machine
1 x Power adapter
1 x User manual 
1 x Eyeshade
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